Home Inspectors

Investigate before you Invest

For most Canadians, your home will be the biggest financial investment and commitment in your life.  Carolyn and Marshall highly recommend that a thorough inspection is completed by and industry professional before you make your purchase.

Both Carolyn and Marshall have worked with several certified Home Inspectors, who are not only skilled in building code and structural engineering, but who are friendly and can explain any issues your present home, or, the home you are purchasing may currently have, or be facing in the future. Should you have specific areas of concern or areas that you wish yo have more thoroughly inspected advise the home inspector to do so.

Below are only  a few trusted professionals that we have done business with in the past.  Consult your local phone directory or perform an Internet search to find additional qualified Home Inspectors in your area.

James Dobney & Associates CAHPI
P:   604.240.3235
E:   admin@jamesdobney.com

Pillar to Post 
Gary James 
P:   1.800.294.5591
P:   604.949.0566
E:   gary.james@pillartopost.com

Cornerstone Inspections
Charlie Perkins
P:   604.986.6658
W:   www.bcbuildinginspections.ca

Global Property Inspections CAHPI
Doug Charlton
P:   604.945.9911

Quality Home Inspections CAHPI
Robert Robinson RHI
P:   604.271.7177
E:   info@qhi.ca

Amerispec Home Inspections 
Peter Wright 
P:   604.943.2806
P:   604.513.1989
E:   peter.wright@amerispec.ca

House Master Ray Toscani
P:   604.468.1973
P:   604.945.9927
E:   ray.toscani@housemaster.com